Looking Fresh through the Silly Season

Every year the “silly season” from November up until Christmas, brings with it a set of unique beauty challenges. With an endless stream of functions and social occasions, it’s easy to overdo it and let your beauty routine, as well as your health, fall by the wayside.

With this in mind, we’ve prepared a list of our five top beauty tips to keep you looking glamorous and fresh– even if you don’t always feel it!

1) Colour block with bright lipsticks in hot pinks, reds and oranges. That way, not only can you create lots of different looks with the same outfit, but you are guaranteed to feel fresh and ready-to-go even if you are off to an event straight from work.

2) Be kind to your skin by always removing all of your makeup, each and every night before bed. If you are exhausted when you get home, it may be worth investing in cleansing wipes. Your complexion will thank you for it.

3) Dose up on Vitamin B to help your body handle hangover symptoms if you are planning on drinking a little more than usual during this period.

4) Pay homage to hydration – the silly season often means consumption of excess diuretics that include not only alcohol but also coffee and soft drinks. Feeling, and looking, exhausted during this time can often be a result of dehydration  so be sure to nourish your skin with moisturising products and drink lots of water.

5) Treat yourself to a beauty pick-me-up in the form of a blowdry or express mani-pedi on your lunchbreak. Get it for a super cheap price by checking out what specials are on offer near you at www.mylocalsalon.com.au. You deserve it!

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