Behind the mask… from expert guest blogger Anna Field

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Behind the mask…

Masks are often forgotten or completely left out of beauty routines as they can sometimes be just too tiresome or difficult. Often masks have been sold with so many rules and regulations of what should be done that it just does not get done. 

To make it easier, remember: masks do not have to be done “once a week” or “immediately after exfoliating”. If you exfoliate regularly then masking at any time is perfectly fine. (In saying that, if you want to give yourself a mini-facial at home then it is highly recommended to do one after the other). Think of masks as a tool in your tool belt to compensate for the things that happen to your skin occasionally due to your lifestyle or the environment. Moisturising and cleansing manages the skin type and how your skin is daily – masks are for those occasions that the skin misbehaves because of the lives we lead. 

Giving masks – Add hydration and nutrients to the skin and should be used when your skin feels dehydrated, tired, dull or tight. This can be brought on by lack of slept, diet changes too many parties, long work hours, strong air-conditioning or illness.  

Taking masks –These are masks with a cleansing action for skin feeling thick, congested, blackheady, heavy or broken-out. Use taking masks after illness, furing heat, travel, etc. 

The idea is to be more responsive to how your skin is, rather just masking out of routine.

The number one consumer objection to mask is “I do not have the time”. A lot of people’s perception regarding masking is that you have to lie down for 20minutes for them to work but if multi-tasking makes it more convenient then let’s do it!

The first tip is to recognise when you need a mask – then make it easy to do by multi-tasking! “Giving” masks can be put on while washing your hair as the steam in the shower will be attracted into the skin by the humectants in the mask. Other masking can be done when you get home from a busy day – put it on when watching TV or reading, you can even cook with a mask on! If that is all still too difficult, look for masks that can be left on the skin while you sleep.

REMEMBER: To mask a little is better than not to mask at all. Skincare should fit into your lifestyle not dictate a lifestyle to you. It is very rare that anyone needs the same mask every week.

Masking is about being proactive to your skins needs due to the lifestyle we have!

About Anna Field

Anna Field has been in the beauty industry now for over 21 years. Her experience includes national training manager for La Prairie and international promotions for Asia as well as working in salons with a broad range of products and experiences.

Created in 2003, her salon, the paddington beauty room currently has 72 years of experience under one roof. Anna is dedicated to inspire the industry one staff member at a time, one client at a time.

For more of Anna’s advice visit her blog (

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  1. ms usa lady October 3, 2011 at 9:44 pm #

    Even though my schedule is hectic I tried my best to apply mask sometimes just for care of my face. Just like Miss Anna said mask little is better than no mask at all.

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