Ingredients Versus Benefits

With all the information out there about skincare, and all the new developments in technology, many of my clients are confused about what they should be looking for when shopping for products.

The one piece of advice I always give is to steer away from the latest ‘miracle’ ingredient, and rather focus on the overall product benefits, and how well that measures up to your skin’s specific needs. Despite the hype you may read about certain specific ingredients, it is essential to remember that don’t work in isolation. A good metaphor for this is a sporting team – you may have a star athlete but it takes the whole team to win the game.

In skincare, there might be an exciting new technology; however it is the combined complexes that deliver results.

Too often, I meet people who do not even know what the product they are using is meant to do, and as a result have no way of knowing if it is working properly. It is for this reason that I highly recommend spending a little time to think about your major skin concerns (I’d even go so far as to write them down in order), and use this as a basis for matching your skin needs with product benefits. Doing this will also help you stay away from getting caught up in the sales person’s excitement for the latest products and stay focused.

And one final tip – if you are wondering what a product’s benefits are… look in the name! 90% of products will put their main claim right there. It’s not rocket science, but if you aren’t looking for it, it can go unnoticed.

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