Hair Versatility with Guest Expert Silvano Fox

Life changes every day so when it comes to your hair style, Silvano Fox thinks it is time to start keeping it interesting..  

Many of us wait up to six weeks between hair appointments to change up our style, and the question we have to ask ourselves is – what are we waiting for? 

Next time you are at your salon, why not ask your stylist to give you a style that is versatile? A great celebrity ambassador for this is Danni Minogue, as she hits the spot  every Wednesday night on Australia’s got Talent, and looks a million dollars.

And yes, I know you are thinking that she has her stylist running around with her everywhere, but you have to admit she does create different looks every week … even keeping it at the same length.

Your style should compliment what you wear and your stylist can educate you with the right tools and products so you can do this too.

Whether it is keeping that fringe slightly longer or having a few little quirks cut into the under layers to minimise bulk, this makes your hair more movable, and much more versatile. The simple fact is, it is up to you – your hair is like a fabric that can be woven in to whatever shape you like if you give it half a chance.

As well as hair styles, many of the best hair products are also multi-faceted to help us mix it up. One of my favourites is Sebastian’s whipped crème for volume, shine, straight and curls. Styleher’s amazing new product by GK (formerly Global Keratin) is also fantastic in that it puffs up hair and eliminates frizz.

If you are looking for some inspiration, I recommend checking out this month’s Marie Claire and Vogue magazines as there are some great tips and tricks on styling your hair in 15 mins or less, but remember it all starts with a great versatile cut.

About the Author
Silvano Fox has been in the industry for over 17 years, together with his  business partners Annie and Kate. They have created an amazing environment in a beautiful old building, as if it were their own home. Kabuki, located in 298/300 Unley Rd Hyde Park in Adelaide, Kabuki has nine talented stylists specialising in all things hair as well as beauty. Although the team has enjoyed a high profile through competitions and seminars, their true passion lies with their loyal clientle, to whom they attribute all of their success.



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