Put a spring back into your beauty routine

Are you guilty of letting your beauty routine slide this winter? Never fear, with three weeks left until spring, you still have time to get back in the game.

Along with the return of backyard BBQ’s, beach trips and lovely warmer weather, spring also signals a host of beauty considerations you may have forgotten about during the colder months.

For those of you who may feel a little anxious about the return of exposed arms, shorts and of course bikinis we have prepared a list of our top tips to get you ready for a sizzling spring reveal.  

  1. Three weeks out if you are feeling a little frumpy with winter over-indulgence; nourish your body with healthy foods and lots of water. We blogged some of our favourite beauty superfoods here that can help you glow from the inside out
  2.  Invest in a pedicure in a bright colour that begs to be shown off in sandals! Our favourites this year include lime green, hot yellow and fuchsia pink.  You can even use mylocalsalon to find a great deal near you by searching here
  3. Groom your hair ‘down there’ in advance! Nothing says spring like an impromptu dip on a hot day, and nothing ruins the fun faster than being caught off-guard with an unsightly bikini line
  4.  Buff up your bod with a luxurious exfoliating scrub or treatment to remove dead skin cell build-up and finish off with a nourishing all-over moisturiser
  5. For those who love a bit of colour, start building up a summery glow the healthy way with a fake-tanner. Start out light and build it up to get your perfect spring shade without having to go from 0-10 overnight

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  1. Dallas Massage August 17, 2012 at 12:21 am #

    Exfoliating scrubs are the absolute best!

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