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Imagine if there was a way to quickly entice new clients into your salon instead of someone else’s.  With the recent launch of mylocalsalon, filling the empty spots in your appointment book could not be easier.

There are a number of specials websites out there that offer bargain products and services, but mylocalsalon is different.  You can tap into a vast network of potential clients who are not just looking for a deal, but a new salon to make their regular.

Customer behaviour is changing.  Value has overtaken service as the number one thing people are looking for, and more people are using the internet to find it. Listing a special on mylocalsalon is like dangling the ultimate carrot – get them in the door and work your magic to keep them coming back.

But what gives a special that “wow” factor?  Here’s the great news – it’s not just about discounting.  Perceived value is the key to getting that new booking and packages or add-ons are a great way of promoting bang for buck.

And, as you will read below, these new clients can book your special on the spot via the mylocalsalon website or free iPhone application.  The appointment is instantly allocated in your appointment book, so there is no risk of overselling.

Here are some tips on listing a special on mylocalsalon:

  • Be clear and concise – lure the customer in by listing all the inclusions and really selling the benefit.
  • Fill out your profile page so new clients can find out more about your salon.  Add photos of your staff or treatment areas and detail your services.
  • Decide how many specials you want to give away – it could be 10 or an unlimited number. The choice is yours.

To find out more or setup your first special, check out the simple guide to specials for mylocalsalon or contact our friendly team on 1300 66 4350.


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