Winter Hair Edit with Guest Expert David Murry

Winter doesn’t have to mean 50 shades of brown that leave you wishing you shouldn’t have let the hairdresser talk you into it.

To winterise your current summer blonde without feeling like Wednesday Adams, consider embracing the warm tones you spent all summer trying to control.

Golden, peachy blonde like the reflect we have perfected in our latest collection can be stunningly subtle but add so much colour to your skin tone while making your eye colour pop.

Alternatively dive head first into a box of chocolates with both cool and warm chocolate palettes.

Otherwise if you are looking for a change, why not unleash the scissors and cut it off.

Short, sharp and shiny is like the little black dress in your closet, always in style and sure to impress.

About the Author
‘A style cut and colour should be seen as an investment in ones appearance and an extension of their personality’ says David Murry. As Creative Director of David Murry Salon, David and his highly skilled team focus on pushing the boundaries, no matter how subtle,  while still delivering honest, healthy and re-creatable hair for their clients.

David Murry

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