Making your facial go further with Guest Beauty Blogger Julie Wakely

If you are already a bit of a skincare nut like me chances are you are cleansing, toning, exfoliating, masking and loading up on serums, potions and lotions twice daily already? So what is the benefit of forking out for a facial when you are already giving your mug the royal treatment nightly you ask?

Even as a former qualified beauty therapist many moons ago I ask myself the same question. True story.

I do love a facial, there is no denying it. The ambiance, the relaxation, the scents, the sensations and the unadulterated me time. Admittedly sometimes after a standard cleanse, scrub, massage, mask, moisturise salon I can often leave a little underwhelmed if the truth be told.

To overcome this feeling of post-facial despondency and forking out ninety of your hard earned big ones for something you almost do yourself during your Saturday night bath time I look for one or some of the below criteria to ensure I make those facial benefits last long after I’ve left that warm and cosy cocoon of a facial bed.

  1. Extractions – OK not the ideal relaxation tool but the benefits of extractions for your skin‘s clarity should not be surpassed. It is a niche skill best performed by a pro. That is coming from a pro who has attempted one too many DIY blackhead removals that have not always ended well. If a facial doesn’t include extractions ask for them at the time of booking so your therapist can allocate time and advice of any extra charges. Of course you wouldn’t get extractions on the day of an event either now would you?
  2. Microdermabrasion or Hydradermabrasion – an excellent skin maintenance treat that delivers. I had a monthly microdermabrasion in the run up to my wedding and my skin reaped the results. Fresher, clearer, more even and decongested skin will be yours to flaunt. It doesn’t cost a micro-fortune and can often be included as an add-on to a facial at a reduced cost.  Again best to leave a few days heal, renew and reveal time prior to an event.
  3. LED therapy – I actually hunt down salons now that offer this as an extra service when booking a facial. Some salons offer this post-facial light therapy treatment at very reasonable prices indeed. Adored by beauty editors and celebs the world over for before events for the obvious glow factor.  However different lights are also really useful to heal blemishes and breakouts quickly and treat any infections lurking under your skin threatening to pop out. Plus the 20 minutes alone time spent blissing out under the warm light does wonders for one’s soul.
  4. Massage – Let’s not underrate the amazing benefits of a well delivered, thorough face and décolletage massage. Look for a facial brand that prides itself on its signature massage technique and find a therapist that delivers a knock-out service. A fifteen minute intensive massage can maximise your facial’s after effects extending that glow long after you have hotfooted it out of the salon. Skilled hands manipulate fresh blood and oxygen to the skin’s surface pumping and feeding your skin with nutrients. Warm hands smooth the skin’s surface and allow the sumptuous facial oils to penetrate deeper, draining waste and puffiness away. Skin looks plumper, lifted and revived. Capitalise on this and keep the effects going by performing a mini-massage nightly when applying your night cream or serum. Your skin will thank you and you will thank everyone else who compliments you on how fresh you are looking the next day.

Julie Wakely

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    I must admit that I’m a bit lax when it comes to looking after my own skin. As a hairdresser and makeup artist I should know better!

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