Moisturisers: your options for real results

moisturisersThe humble moisturiser in its most basic form is the original anti-ageing skin care product. Providing your skin with moisture is the single most essential skin care necessity, and any skin type can benefit from a good moisturiser.

The main role of a moisturiser is to enhance the appearance of the epidermis by increasing and retaining moisture levels. There are three main kinds of moisturisers – your basic store bought brands, those sold at beauty salons, and more high-tech cosmeceutical products.

Simple moisturisers such as aqueous cream are a great way to improve the way your skin looks and feels. Even basic moisturisers have been shown to have a positive effect on the skin by retaining water in the upper epidermis. The result is a smoothing effect, and a reduction in dryness or flakiness.

For those looking for a more advanced solution, cosmeceutical moisturisers might be the answer. Designed to allow active ingredients to reach the lower epidermis and dermis, good quality cosmeceuticals can protect, nurture, revitalise and cosmetically restructure your skin.

Most cosmeceutical moisturisers use a combination of three different types of ingredients:

–          Humectants to attract water from the lower dermal layers

–          Occlusive agents to provide a physical barrier to water loss

–          Emollients to smooth flaky skin cells

The specific formulations are increasingly high-tech, drawing on techniques borrowed from advanced medical research. Cosmeceuticals can make significant changes to the skin – from reducing skin pigmentation to smoothing wrinkles.

Cosmeceuticals are also ideal for improving the appearance of pigmentation, fine lines or skin congestion, among other concerns.

If you’re thinking of upgrading to a cosmeceutical moisturiser, your dermal therapist will be able to recommend one that will work for your skin.

About the author

Holly Copping is Director of the Territory Laser Clinic in Darwin, and is the Northern Territory’s first fully qualified Dermal Therapist. After studying for two years she graduated with an Advanced Diploma of Cosmetic Dermal Science through AACDS (Australasian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science) in Perth. Holly specialises in the latest laser technology, and new concepts in skin care.

Holly Copping

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