Get permanent results with cosmetic tattooing

How much time do you spend in front of the mirror each morning? Twenty minutes? Thirty? Over a year you could be spending hundreds of hours ‘putting your face on’, only to wash it off again at the end of each day.
Permanent makeup results

Imagine what it would be like if you could wake up each day with your eyeliner and lip colour already in place. Imagine if you didn’t have to worry about your makeup running in hot weather or during exercise.

Sound like a dream come true? Cosmetic tattooing could be for you.

This semi-permanent alternative to painstakingly applying your makeup every day is a great way to enhance your features and effortlessly bring out the best you.

It can provide softer looking, more natural results than using traditional makeup, as the ink is placed in your skin, rather than on your skin.

Cosmetic tattooing is also a great option for those with sensitive skin and eyes, and those who suffer from allergic reactions to beauty products.

A qualified cosmetic tattoo artist will have an in-depth knowledge of exactly what techniques are required to achieve the look you’re after, working with your skin tone, bone structure, and facial features.

Tattooing can also be used to help people suffering from medical conditions and with concerns such as scarring and uneven skin pigmentation.

This highly specialised and advanced area of permanent cosmetics is known as paramedical tattooing.

It can be used to improve the appearance of surgical or burns scars, recreate areola after breast surgery, and help even out skin tone for people with conditions such as Vitiligo.

Paramedical tattooing techniques restore colour and symmetry to the affected area, helping restore self-confidence and a positive body image, which can be crucial to the healing process.

Cosmetic and paramedical tattooing techniques should always be conducted by an experienced and qualified professional in a safe and sterile environment.

About the author

Lyn O’Connor is a fully qualified cosmetic tattoo artist with more than 18 years’ experience. Having performed thousands of treatments, Lyn has an in-depth understanding of colour therapy, and works with each client’s features to enhance them. Lyn regularly attends national and international conventions, workshops and seminars to ensure she is at the forefront of her profession.

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