Men’s Hair: Finding the Right Look for Your Lifestyle with Guest Expert Mark Rabone

Men’s hair styling has come a long way in the last few years, and as with any area of fashion a few “forever classic” styles have emerged along with a range of interesting fad trends that have come and gone.

So for men faced with a plethora of choice, what factors should they consider when looking for a look that they will not only love, but love to maintain?


  • Consider how much time you have to look after your look, as well as whether it needs to be adaptable to conform to the regulations of your workplace.
  • Think about whether your style has the ability to emphasise your jaw line, make you look taller and leaner or more masculine.
  • Don’t be afraid to show your stylist a reference as these can be a fantastic way to convey what you are looking for.  A good stylist will create support and direction within the haircut to minimise the maintenance of your style


  • Ideally, guys should have a couple of products at hand – a styling product – gel, spray or cream to apply when the hair is damp and is dried into the desired style, and a finishing product – wax, pomade or powder to separate, define and hold the style
  • Always look for water based products as they easily wash out and don’t add build up on the scalp, then decide if you want a natural finish, low shine or high shine. Your stylist should recommend what will best suit your look and show you how to style it at home with ease, remember products are  mainly used  to emphasise the cut and most styles  should be easily achieved at home with minimum effort!


  • The best hairstyle in the world still won’t cut it if you have unsightly white flakes over your shoulders so finding the right shampoo should be a real priority when it comes to your hair.
  • There are some great male-specific shampoos and conditioners out there for men that focus on maintaining a healthy scalp, giving more volume or a medicated deep cleanse.  Your stylist should be able to recommend the cleansing product best suited to your scalp condition or lifestyle that will keep your hair and scalp healthy and in turn making sure your hair stays that way for years to come

About the Author

Mark has worked specifically in the men’s hair industry for 20 years, his experience includes training and working his formative years in the U.K and Europe. He is the owner of ESQ male grooming  Brisbane, established in 2004 and is an educator and session stylist with team American Crew.

For more info or advice visit his website and blog

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