Aussie beauties “snip and tell” to save money and time online

Forget trial and error – when it comes to finding the perfect hairdresser or beauty therapist, more Aussies are now looking to online ‘snip and tell’ reviews before booking appointments.

Did you know that since our website launched last year, more than 33,000 users have logged on to ‘rate’ their local salons and over 13,000 have left written reviews?

With over 540 businesses now listed on our virtual ‘beauty marketplace’, the past 12 months have seen the creation of a dynamic forum for users to share their experiences and gain access to uncensored feedback. Where we may have once relied on real-life social networks for salon recommendations, mylocalsalon has created the ultimate information resource for Aussie beauties that can now enjoy access to the opinions of thousands of likeminded people online.

And while you are getting the scoop on your new potential salon, be sure to see what specials are on offer. In the lead up to Christmas, many of our member salons are offering hugely discounted featured services – which can sometimes mean hundreds of dollars off single treatments.

At this notoriously expensive time of year, this is a great way to get more bang for your beauty buck and save money without having to compromise your beauty routine.

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