Finding Balance with Guest Expert Anna Field

 Did you know the number one customer concern is dehydration, not lines, not pimples? Yet the industry promotes extensively to exfoliate and not as strongly to mask. The irony is exfoliating and not masking can be the biggest cause of dehydration.

Guest Expert Anna Field

Allow me to explain. Exfoliating is an important step in looking after your skin. Exfoliating lifts dead cells and gives the skin a polished and youthful appearance as well as cleans out debris from pores. Exfoliating also removes some natural lipids and oils from the surface of the skin. These natural lipids are part of the skins barrier protection that helps trap that much needed moisture into the skin.

 So if you are battling getting on top of your dehydration it may not be attributed to the amount of water you are drinking or your moisturiser is not working. It could be as simple as looking at your give and take ratio to the skin.

Are you exfoliating and not using a hydrating mask ever? Or are you exfoliating too many times compared to your hydrating mask? It does not matter which skin type you have all skins will benefit from water. If you have an oilier skin; look for a hydrating mask that does not contain lipids. If you have a drier skin; then multi task and find a hydrating mask that add lipids as well.

Exfoliating is not bad for the skin; it is like most things in life too much of a good thing is not good. I compare exfoliating and masking to ying and yang, one needs the other.

About the Author
Anna Field has been in the beauty industry now for over 21 years. Her experience includes national training manager for La Prairie and international promotions for Asia as well as working in salons with a broad range of products and experiences. Created in 2003, her salon, The Paddington Beauty Room currently has 72 years of experience under one roof. Anna is dedicated to inspire the industry one staff member at a time, one client at a time. For more of Anna’s advice visit her blog (

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