Essentials in the Cabinet with Guest Expert Mark Rabone

With a myriad of products available to men out there both in salons, chemists and supermarkets, and the reluctance of many men to embrace what’s available to them, I thought it would be useful to address the basics that all men should have in their bathroom cabinet.

To help you save time, I’ve also taken the liberty of recommending some of my personal favourite products and brands that I can personally vouch for as being fantastic quality and good value for money.  


Facial cleanser   

Stay away from your regular bar of soap when washing your face which tends to dry the skin out.  A good daily face wash is gentle yet cleansing and in the long run will keep your skin more youthful looking and prepare you for a better shave. Try Baxters of California Daily face wash or Anthony logistics Algae facial cleanser

Face Scrub

Use  once or twice weekly when you are in the shower on your face to exfoliate  and remove dead skin and environmental build up, after a while you will notice the reduction of ingrown hairs and healthier looking skin. Try Baxters of California  or Anthony logistics facial scrub


Shaving is the most rigorous event you will put your face through and most of us do it daily so  my cabinet would not be without the following.. EVER!

Shave Brush

A genuine badger bristle brush will lift and soften facial hair and gently exfoliate the skin, reducing ingrown hairs and creating a closer shave.


Pre shave oil

That extra bit of lubrication between the blade and skin will reduce the drag to make for a smoother shave and reduce skin inflammation, especially in coarse beards and daily shavers. Try Anthony logistics pre shave or American Crew shave oil


Shave cream

A luxurious shave cream should ideally have moisturising properties to stop drying the skin out and some natural healing additives for skin recovery.  Eshave  or Trufitt and Hill are excellent brands who have all these properties in their large range of foaming shave creams



Aftershave balm.

Stay away from alcohol based lotions! A balm with moisturising and healing properties should be the main priority. I LOVE Eshave’s cucumber with shae butter aftershave cream, the cucumber is cooling and healing and the shae butter moisturises.


A daily face moisturiser should be used morning and night to keep the skin smooth and healthy and to protect it from what your day throws at it. Look for one with a SPF in it for added protection from the sun. For a reliable daily moisturiser, try  Baxters of California SPF 15

About the Author


Mark has worked specifically in the men’s hair industry for 20 years, his experience includes training and working his formative years in the U.K and Europe. He is the owner of ESQ male grooming  Brisbane, established in 2004 and is an educator and session stylist with team American Crew.


For more info or advice visit his website and blog


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