Men’s Style Trends with Guest Expert Mark Rabone

Men’s styling has taken a trip back down the smooth styles of the 50’s and 60’sover the last couple of years. Shows like Mad Men have brought back the classic well groomed look, tapered edges and products that promote shine – quite a contrast to the longer shaggy disheveled look a lot of our guys were requesting  through most of the naughties.

Both of these looks still have a place in the workplace and street today, in fact at American crew the team have a section for classics, (smooth defined parts with shine and tapered edges) sport  (short disheveled low maintenance styles for men on the go) and then their trends collection which is worked on every year. This year they brought out the Mattematic collection which focuses on a lot of clipper work around the sides and back with length and heavy texture through the top, styled with a matte finish product.

At the salon we are favouring a more modern day style, following the lead of the American Crew team. We are keeping the sides and back very tight with a freehand clipper, sometimes showing a lot of disconnection between the sides and top, but softening the hard lines with razor work, blending the crown area in with scissor over comb and adding support through the top and front with the razor. This creates great height and movement through the all important top and front.

My favourite product to use with this look is the American Crew Boost powder which after a light dusting applied to the roots and ends gives an amazing amount of control and height with that all important natural finish.


About the Author

Mark has worked specifically in the men’s hair industry for 20 years, his experience includes training and working his formative years in the U.K and Europe. He is the owner of ESQ male grooming  Brisbane, established in 2004 and is an educator and session stylist with team American Crew.

For more info or advice visit his website and blog

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