A face-lift without surgery… fact of fiction?

Surgical face-lifts can cost anywhere from 20K+, but for those requiring less serious intervention, Christiana Gibb from New Ageing International says non-invasive procedures can deliver powerful results for a fraction of the cost.

Progressively, but more noticeably in our early 40’s, most women complain of looking tired and have begun to notice the effects of what I call the trio of ageing. These are:

1. Loss to the facial bone mass (most noticeably brow and jaw line)

2. Loss of volume in the tissue (due to the depletion of collagen)

3. Loss of tension in the elastin fibres (slackness of the skin)

So if simple skincare isn’t cutting it on its own, how can you combat these without going under the knife? The answer is Radio Frequency (RF).

With a variation of intensity, RF devices use radio waves to heat the deeper dermis (the scaffolding) causing collagen contraction, for thickening and strengthening benefits. After between 6 -12 months, most clients experience a lifting and tightening change in their skin as well as a uniform increase in volume over the treatment area. Although not permanent, these results tend to endure for about 3-5 years and slowly diminish over time.

Using the majority of devices, 6 treatments over 6 months is required. However the crème de la crème of these is the Thermage CPT model that cuts this down significantly. In fact, after just one treatment session, the results are hands down the best that I have ever seen for non-surgical lifting and tightening of the face. For those worried about other wobbly bits it is great to know that this treatment also works on a range of body parts including knees, upper arms, tummy, and inner thighs.

The key to this path of course is patience and persistence, but those who have been willing to stick to it always say the results were definitely worth waiting for.

About the Author

Christiana has been in the industry for over 17 years and held rolls in marketing, clinical technology training and previously been the owner of 3 thriving cosmetic clinics in NSW and Queensland. Christiana’s current role is working as the Marketing Manager for New Ageing International located at 1204 High Street Armadale, in Melbourne, www.newageing.com.au. With her team of Cosmetic professionals the focus at New Ageing is to adopt long term age management solutions using a selection of modalities that get your body to reproduce and preserve its own collagen and cell development. The effect is a natural healthier look…a more youthful version of you.

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  1. gold price October 10, 2012 at 6:02 am #

    If you are in your 50’s and have drooping facial features, there is no treatment that substitutes fro a well performed facelift. The recovery is relatively painless and takes 2 weeks in most of my patients before they are extremely presentable. The results are dramatic but shouldn’t make you look the least bit operated upon. Check my photos on RealSelf.

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